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Esittäjä Tuotteen nimi Hinta
V.A. BACK TO PERU Most Complete Compilation Of Peruvian Underground '64-'74 2LP (Vampisoul) 27,90   Tilaa
V.A. BLUE NOTE TRIP 9 Simmer Down 2LP (Blue Note) 28,90   Tilaa
V.A. CAN YOU DIG IT? Music And Politics Of Black Action Films 1969-75 2LP (Souljazz) 25,90   Tilaa
V.A. CHANGE THE BEAT Change the beat - The Celluloid Story 2-LP+cd (STRUT 2013) 31,90   Tilaa
V.A. CHICAS! Spanish Female Singers 1962-1974 2LP (Vampisoul) 27,90   Tilaa
V.A. CRUISIN' 1961 Marcels,Jive Five (orig Increase) 19,90   Tilaa
V.A. DEUTSCHE ELEKTRONISCHE MUSIK Volume Two (Soul Jazz Records 2010) 2LP 25,90   Tilaa
V.A. DEUTSCHE ELEKTRONISCHE MUSIK 2 Record A - Experimental German Rock And Electronic Musik 1971-83 (Soul Jazz 2LP) 25,90   Tilaa
V.A. GIPSY RHUMBA Original Rhythm Of Gipsy Rhumba In Spain 1965-74 2LP (Souljazz) 25,90   Tilaa
V.A. HEAVENLY ETHIOPIQUES Best Of Ethiopiques Series 2LP (Heavenly Star) 24,90   Tilaa
V.A. HILSELP Suomen Suursuosikit Samalla Levyllä (Poko, 2011) 1979 albumi, Eppu Normaali/Mauk 14,90   Tilaa
V.A. JUKEBOX MAMBO Jukebox Mambo - Rumba and afro-latin Rhythm & Blues 1949-69 / 2-LP(Jazzman 2012) 29,90   Tilaa
V.A. KENYA SPECIAL Selected East African Recordings From The 1970s & '80s (Sound Way) 3LP + bonus 7 31,90   Tilaa
V.A. LOOK AT THE SUN Precious Seconds Through Gone From The British Underground - LIMITED VINYL EDITI 21,90   Tilaa
V.A. LOVE JAZZ 1966 - 1977 O.Donner/J.Aaltonen/etc - HQ-180 GR.VINYYLI-PAINOS! (LOVE/Siboney, 2008) 19,90   Tilaa
V.A. LOWE COUNTRY - THE SONGS OF NICK LOWE Lowe Country - The songs of Nick Lowe (2012) 18,90   Tilaa
V.A. NEW ORLEANS FUNK New Orleans: The Original Sound Of Funk 1960-75 3LP (Souljazz) Meters, Wild Magn 27,90   Tilaa
V.A. NEW ORLEANS FUNK 3 The Original Sound Of Funk 2LP (Souljazz) Lee Dorsey, Prof. Longhair, Allen Tous 27,90   Tilaa
V.A. NIPPON GIRLS Japanese Pop, Beat & Bossa Nova 1966-70 (Ace 2009) 25,90   Tilaa
V.A. NO SEATTLE VOL. 1 Forgotten Sounds Of The North West Grunge Era 1987-96 2LP (SoulJazz 2014) 26,90   Tilaa
V.A. NO SEATTLE VOL. 2 Forgotten Sounds Of The North West Grunge Era 1987-96 2LP (SoulJazz 2014) 26,90   Tilaa
V.A. NUGGETS - ORIG.ARTYFACTS FROM The First Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1968 - LIMITED HQ-180 Gr.2LP VINYL EDITION (R 32,90   Tilaa
V.A. PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIONAL Tom Moulton Remixes 8LP Box (Harmless) 81,90   Tilaa
V.A. PSYCH FUNK: SA-RE-GA! Funky Fuzzy Psychedelic Tracks From '60s-'70s India 2LP (World Psychedelia) 25,90   Tilaa
V.A. PUNK 45 Kill The Hippies! Kill Yourself! Underground Punk USA Vol. 1 1973-1980 2LP (Soul 25,90   Tilaa
Sick On You! One Way Split! Vol.3: Proto-Punk 1969-76 2LP (SoulJazz 2014) 26,90   Tilaa
There Is No Such Things As Society - Underground Punk In The UK 1977-81 2LP (Sou 25,90   Tilaa
V.A. SAINTS AND SINNER VOL.1 50s Rockers & Stompers from the 50s & 60s Vaults (Sheik Records) 22,90   Tilaa
V.A. SAINTS AND SINNER VOL.2 50s Rockers & Stompers from the 50s & 60s Vaults (Sheik Records) 22,90   Tilaa
V.A. SAINTS AND SINNER VOL.3 50s Rockers & Stompers from the 50s & 60s Vaults (Sheik Records) 22,90   Tilaa
V.A. SAINTS AND SINNER VOL.4 50s Rockers & Stompers from the 50s & 60s Vaults (Sheik Records) 22,90   Tilaa
V.A. SAOCO! The Bomba And Plena Explosíon In Puerto Rico 1954-66 3LP (Vampisoul) 36,90   Tilaa
V.A. STUDIO ONE Rockers: Best 2LP (Soul Jazz) Dawn Penn, Skatalites, Jackie Mittoo, Horace Andy 25,90   Tilaa
Ska Fever 2LP (Soul Jazz) 25,90   Tilaa
V.A. STUDIO ONE IRONSIDES Original Classic Recordings 1963-1979 2LP (Souljazz) FOC, download code 25,90   Tilaa
V.A. STUDIO ONE ROCKSTEADY Rocksteady, Soul & Early Reggae At Studio One 2LP (Souljazz) 25,90   Tilaa
V.A. SUBWAY SALSA The Montuno Records Story 3LP (Vampisoul) 36,90   Tilaa
V.A. THE IN-KRAUT, VOL. 1 Hip-Shaking Grooves Made In Germany 1967-1974 2LP (Marina) 27,90   Tilaa
V.A. THE IN-KRAUT, VOL. 2 Hip-Shaking Grooves Made In Germany 1967-1974 2LP (Marina) 22,90   Tilaa
V.A. THE IN-KRAUT, VOL. 3 Hip-Shaking Grooves Made In Germany 1967-1974 2LP (Marina) 27,90   Tilaa
V.A. TWIN CITIES FUNK & SOUL Lost R&B Grooves From Minneapolis/St. Paul 1964-79 2LP (Secret Stash) 31,90   Tilaa
V.A. WORLD ENDS 3LP Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970's Nigeria - LIMITED 3LP VINYL EDITION (Soundway, 24,90   Tilaa
Aerosol Grey Machine (USA Mercury, 1968) reissue 13,90   Tilaa
Alt - LIMITED HQ-180 GR.VINYL EDITION (Esoteric Antenna, 2012) NEW STUDIO ALBUM 27,90   Tilaa
H To He Who Am The Only One - LIMITED HQ-180 VINYL EDITION (4 Men With Beards, 2 24,90   Tilaa
Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other - LIMITED HQ-180 GR.VINYL EDITION (4 Men W 24,90   Tilaa
Pawn Hearts - LIMITED HQ-180 GR.VILYL EDITIOPN (4 Men With Beards, 2012) 1971 al 24,90   Tilaa
VAN RONK,DAVE Inside Dave Van Ronk (Fantasy) 18,90   Tilaa
Sings - LIMITED HQ-180 GR.VINYL EDITION (Doxy, 2012) TARJOUS! 9,90   Tilaa
Sings Ballads - LIMITED HQ-180 GR.VINYL EDITION (Doxy, 2012) TARJOUS! 9,90   Tilaa
VAN ZANDT,TOWNES Delta Momma Blues - LIMITED HQ-180 GR.VINYL EDITION (Fat Possum, 2010) 21,90   Tilaa
Down Home 2LP (Let Them Eat Vinyl) 1985 radio broadcast 27,90   Tilaa
Townes Van Zandt (Fat Possum 2010) 20,90   Tilaa
VAUGHAN STEVIE RAY Live At Tingley Coliseum In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Nov. 28th '89 (B13) yellow 23,90   Tilaa
VAUGHAN,SARAH Duke Ellington Song Book One (orig.USA Pablo, 1980) 7,90   Tilaa
VAUGHAN,STEVIE RAY Live At McNichols Arena In Denver, Colorado, November 29, 1989 (B13 2014) yellow 23,90   Tilaa
VAUGHAN,STEVIE RAY & DOUBLE TROUBLE Couldn't Stand The Weather 2LP (Music On Vinyl) 180 gram vinyl, 11 bonus tracks 26,90   Tilaa
VELVET UNDERGROUND Live 1969 (2-LP,Mercury) 23,90   Tilaa
Quine Tapes 6LP box (Sundazed) live, w/ gatefold jackets, poster/handbill inser 89,90   Tilaa
Verve/MGM Albums 5LP Box (Sundazed) 119,00   Tilaa
White Light/White Heat (Vinyl Lovers) hq 180 gram vinyl, 1968 album 19,90   Tilaa
VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO Velvet Underground & Nico (Verve) Andy Warhol banana cover 14,90   Tilaa
VENTURES Walk Don't Run - LIMITED (1000 COPIES) 180 GR,.VINYL EDITION (Sundazed, 2013) 24,90   Tilaa
VINCENT,GENE Gene Vincent Rocks! (Wax Time) + 4 bonus tracks 18,90   Tilaa
VINSON,EDDIE "CLEANHEAD" Back Door Blues With… (Doxy) 21,90   Tilaa
VOLBEAT Live from Beyond Hell/ Above heaven 3-LP 26,90   Tilaa
VOLCANO CHOIR Repave (Jagjaguwar 2013, Ltd ed. clear vinyl) 23,90   Tilaa
VON HERTZEN BROTHERS Approach - RAJOITETTU 180 GR. 2lP VINYYLIPAINOS (Universal, 2011) 2006 albumi 23,90   Tilaa
Experience - RAJOITETTU 180 GR. 2LP VINYYLIPAINOS (Universal, 2011) 2001 albumi 23,90   Tilaa


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